Why Brian Lewis?

about me
  • A noted organizational change maker, culture builder and facilitator, Brian shares insights on servant leadership, brand strategy as a business foundation, creating a collaborative culture, and more.
  • Often referred to as the guy who has a keen ability to look into an organization and “connect the dots,” he’s assisted organizations in taking a fresh look at their strengths and opportunities, and creating a path to an invigorated, successful future.
  • He reveals practical ideas that can be put in place today, along with broader perspectives for organizational and personal performance improvement.

About Brian Lewis

For over 30 years Brian Lewis has been invigorating audiences with his energetic presence, brilliant storytelling and informed insights on creating a culture of servant leadership and building a foundational brand position to drive mission impact and business success.

He’s the change agent organizations rely on when they want to look at themselves through a new lens, with an eye on how to meet the future successfully. Brian formed his unique vision about the relationship between how you view your work, and how your audience views your brand, over three decades of leadership in the public and private sectors.

On stage, Brian connects with audiences at a personal level, causing them to think, reflect and, yes, laugh. His honest, revealing presentations show audiences by example that while we strive to be and do our best, we all stumble along the way and that’s part of what moves us forward, individually and collectively. Key takeaways include practical insights on what it takes to be a servant leader, how to define and empower a strong brand position, and how change doesn’t have to be as hard as we often make it out to be.

about me

Speaking Engagements

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From keynotes to major session facilitations, Brian will engage, inspire and invigorate your conference participants on subjects from strategic branding, to change management, to servant leadership and more!

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